Irene Ketty, popularly known as Keity is a Ugandan pianist and recording artist.

Irene Ketty

Keity had been playing with her band to different corporate audiences and MESTILL hotel and Africana for about three years.

She decided to go mainstream with the help of Uganda’s top songwriter, singer and music producer Nince Henry.

Her first single was COMPANY and she has released a number of songs including WHY ME, KAWOWO, MR BOMBASTIC among others all available on streaming platforms.

Her latest single is KIKWATE which is enjoying massive airplay.

KIKWATE is a musical synonym to a relationship where there are no third parties, it’s just the two people in love and that’s because of the trust, they find no need of worries where each person is at a certain moment or who they are interacting with!

Check Kikwate out;