Brian Avie has been in the music industry for quite a while but he seems to be stepping up his game, with exciting projects that u may need not to miss out!

In his brand new song, Brian Avie, real name Brian Baguma, talks about how romping for money is a growing trend in Uganda’s social life in his new song “S3x Money”.

He sings about a lady who has seen enough of the bad sides about relationships so she resorts to vending her Sumbie in exchange for dime.

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Avie leaves no stone unturned in his lyrics, both in Luganda and English. He explains that the babe opts for different types of men, with her eyes on nothing but money to make her life better.

The song was written by Brian Avie himself and produced by Mesh Pan. It was mixed and mastered by Herbert Skillz.

There is a lot to watch in the visuals directed by Zyga Phix as the script tries to showcase the message embedded in the lyrics.

Fashion, coloring, camera angles, lighting, and so much more will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Take a look at the video below: