”It took me some time to forgive Cindy”…Jackie Chandiru gives reason why it took time for her and Cindy to talk

Celebrated local musician Jackie Chandiru was today hosted at Galaxy FM for an eye opening and breath taking interview on the evening rush.

While being grilled on why it took so long for her to meet with Cindy eye to eye after the break up with Blu-3 , Jackie was honest enough to reveal how it took her a very long time to forgive the self proclaimed King.

In her reason, Jackie argued that Cindy lied about her and Lilian as she publicly claimed that she was fired from the group.

”To be honest with you, I must admit that it took a very long time for me to forgive Cindy because she alied about me and Lilian. I hate being falsely accused. Her actions led to a very bad backlash and as such the public viewed us as the bad ones” Jackie Chandiru said when asked why it took her long to meet and reconcile with Cindy