Temperature rise to the roof as Jeff touches Sheila’s waist & squeezes all the juice out of her.

Ever since celebrated talents managerJeffKiwanuka popularly known as Jeff Kiwa parted ways with renowned local artist Sheebah Karungi, his behavior on social media drastically changed leaving everybody who knows him wondering what had happened.

It should be noted that before Jeff’s break up with Sheebah, it was extremely hard to see him posing for pictures with the artist he is trying to promote.

Whether it was Chameleone, Radio & Weasel, Kabako or even Sheebah herself, it was rare to come across a picture of Jeff trying to push an artist to the limit.

However, things changed when Sheebah broke up with Jeff and newbie Pinky came into the picture.

Ever since it was made official that he was now managing Pinky, Jeff has been posting endless pictures of himself with the new girl on Instagram. Whether the move is intended to put more pain into Sheebah’s heart or just a simple technique to promote Pinky remains a big puzzle to solve.

It is not just taking pictures with Pinky that has left fans surprised with Jeff’s behaviour. He is now making short entertaining videos with big influencers to try and push Pinky.

Over the weekend, the Team No Sleep boss made a catchy video of himself with Sheila Gashumba seductively dancing to one of Pinky’s new songs.

In the video, Jeff is seen touching Sheila’s small waist before turning her around and squeezing her juicy booty.