Barely a week after deleting all her TNS-pics from her Instagram page, under pressure singer, Sheebah Karungi has struck again!

The 33-year-old entertainer is seemingly cutting off all ties and disassociating herself from Team No Sleep supreme manager, Jeff Kiwa and his circles.

Sheebah has deleted information on her biography that indicated that she was previously signed under Jeff’s TNS. Sources close to her intimate that she has also changed both her personal and business phone numbers in a bid to move on.

She is now running her businesses under Sheebah Establishment Ltd.

Following the fall out, She and Jeff have been throwing dirt at each other, further confirming that they can never share a cup of tea. Actually Jeff recently branded her a lipstick artist whose attitude cannot make her survive musically come 2022.

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Now we understand that Sheebah has unfollowed Jeff Kiwa and his sweetheart, Mutoni Etania, on Instagram.

Etania and Sheebah have been tight friends for a long time, but it appears the cracks in Sheebah’s relationship with Jeff Kiwa have not spared the girl code. 

Etania is a huge fan of Sheebah. She often uses her social media platforms to promote Sheebah’s music but this might be the end of their relationship.

The self-proclaimed Queen Karma recently released a gospel song, Mukama Yamba but to date, Etania has not bothered to post it on her social platforms.

Jeff Kiwa, on the other hand, is massively promoting a new TNS recruit named, Pinky.