Lydia Jazmine is one of the sexiest and most talented female singers in the country. The diva always leaves dudes pocketing every time she makes an appearance.

She is juice herself…. Men in different capacities and from different walks of life are willing to pay any kind of money to see the ‘You and Me’ hitmaker undressed in their beds but she is a certified ‘Mukodo’ who doesn’t serve her beans.

However, over the recent years, Lydia Jazmine has been linked to a number of city casanovas like Bushingtone, R.Kampala, Fik Fameica among others.

She has continuously denied having any affairs with the dudes she has been linked to but this does not rule out the fact that she is bonked tubeless like any other sexy diva.

Shockingly, the diva has come out once again and claimed that she has not yet had sex in 2022.

According to Jazmine, her legs are still intact and no dude has had a chance of separating them… Not even Ykee Benda who has recently turned into her handbag.