A video clip of singer Basajjamivule Grenade Official as he is thrown out of the house in Akright by his sugar mummy, is trending online. The two have reportedly lived together for almost a year.

Apparently, Grenade Official and his sugar mummy had a bitter fight after she caught the singer bonking a side chic. Disappointed by the act, the Sugar had to crack the whip by ordering her gateman to throw out his ‘bu stuff’, including boxers, and never to allow him to set foot in her premises.

Grenade and the Sugar have been bonking for months now, and she has been bankrolling his flashy lifestyle and music career.

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Grenade is currently cribbing at one of his pals’ apartment, until he collects enough to rent his own place.

Grenade used to stay in Munyonyo, near Gravity Omutujju’s new house but when he started dating this Sugar, who made him convert to Islam, the two decided to move in together.

Checkout the video below: 

Grenade’s sugar mummy kicks him out of her house