Nsimbudde by Kenzo

You can hate Eddy Kenzo, you can love him, you can disagree with him, you can despise him, but the one thing you can’t do is ignore him. 

Nsimbudde is evidence that Kenzo is not just Kenzo, but a definer, a sculptor, he forms culture, he reforms it, he creates it.

Even when he is casual in execution, you have no doubt that Kenzo has spent time scripting every moving second of the video. Nsimbudde is that artistic dance video. It is the coherence of the choreography, the simplicity, the merger of ages, the contemporary, the Afrocentric, and the comical sides to things.

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Do not forget the costuming, for Kenzo has mastered this. That one can put all the happenings in the country into a visual montage is worth claps. It is this tapestry of themes, diversity of styles, the pots and straws, a video that slaps a smile on your face!

Enjoy it below;

Nsimbudde by Kenzo