Chameleone’s Kuuma Obwesigwa trending No1 on YouTube

For many of us, this is not another music video, this is something that digs deeper into our memories, into our lifetimes, into those precious moments. It is a record of the times we lived, and a record of the fact that music will transcend time, space, and all dimensions.

It is this mix of modern contemporary Africa meeting at an axis with traditional Africa. It is Chameleone strumming those strings of the guitar with calmness. It is that vixen playing that wonderful role of a mother, she is all natural, and relaxed.

It is that transition to the subtle wedding session, and the Gomesis, and the facial shots of the guests. It is Weasel playing the part of a ‘Rasta’ pleading with his wife to stay. It is the three brothers coming together in a celebration.

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Above all, it is the choice of everything in this video; the location, the lighting, the backdrops, it is this careful composition of every character. It is the communal set up, aka Ubuntu in the video, a reminder of who we are as Africans.

The video he released 9 days ago after 20 years of waiting is now trending No1 on YouTube, with over 405000 views.

On Monday morning, Chameleone took to his Instagram page thanked his fans for the overwhelming supported.

“Everyday I be grateful, Every way I appreciate,
Every friend I celebrate.
I can’t imagine what was in my mind at such a young age that inspired me to write such a living, Loving song. I personally appreciate the old Chameleone on this.
But I guess things change with age and time that’s why
#FOREVER is also here

Well-done young Jose Chameleone 2003!!!!
Well-done Big Jose Chameleone 2022!!!!

Music brings back memories and times that will never repeat.

This Song is trending #1 for the last 9Days”