High maintenance slay goddess Zari Hassan rocks expensive Italian outfit as she celebrates mother’s day in style

It is common practice that when some body sets a certain standard in society, it is also incumbent upon them to either maintain it or even aim for the farthest stars.

In the same way, renowned city socialite Zari Hassan set a certain standard and as such, society places her on a higher pedestal when it comes to the game of slaying and showbiz.

Zari’s flashy lifestyle has seen her not only purchase expensive rides but also party in some of the world’s most luxurious places.

Her ever colourful life shared both on Instagram and Facebook has painted a picture that the mother-of-five is one who loves to eat life with a big spoon.

Because of the perception created around her lifestyle, Zari has always strived to show only the good things in her life despite having challenges like any other human being.

The most recent showcase of her glittering life was when on mother’s day she posted a picture dressed in an expensive diamond plaited Italian outfit.

As usual the high budget slay mama captioned the picture, “Good vibes only…. happy mothers day Photos @accessfilms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JzgZlapSaA High