Classy socialite, Zari Hassan has coughed millions of cash to add a new ride to her car collection. The mother-of-five has spoiled herself with a brand new Brabus Mercedes Benz, black in colour, with a customized Number Plate, bearing her name ‘Zari’.

With this big black toy, valued at $875000 (UGX 3,106,348,000), Zari has once again demonstrated her taste for expensive and European rides. It’s only in January this year that the high-maintenance socialite gifted herself with a Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI.

The self-proclaimed Boss Lady clearly has a lot of money idling on her bank account, with a small portion of it enabling her to go under the knife to acquire an artificial derrière!

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The 43 year-old socialite showed off a new Brabus G-Class on her Instagram page, with over 10.6 million followers, this week on Thursday.

“I like the way he rooooaaarrr. Damn @yas_performance thanks for coming through with the customized badges, the mags & extras….

#biggirltoys #brabus #gwagon #bosslady #youngfamousandafrican,” in a buoyant mood, she captioned the post.

Zari acquires Brabus

About Brabus G-Class

According to various google sources, the German tuner is a household name when it comes to modified, high-performance Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Its latest masterpiece is the Brabus G V12 900.

Using AMG’s hand-built, twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12, the team bored out and returned the engine to 6.3 litres, boosting output to 888 horsepower (900 PS). That’s right. Peak torque is even more incredible at 1,106 pound feet, but those lucky and wealthy enough to buy one will have a torque limit of 885 pound-feet.

The Brabus G V12 900 shoots from 0-100 km/h in a mere 3.8 seconds—seven tenths quicker than the aforementioned G 63—which is insane considering its size and weight. Top speed is governed at 280 km/h.

Other modifications include 24-inch wheels, a full body kit that widens the track by 10 centimetres along with significantly upgraded suspension and exhaust systems. The cabin can be trimmed in leather, Alcantara and more exquisite materials to the customer’s specifications.