Zari explains how her boyfriend ‘just looks young but actually 30’

Classy socialite, Zari Hassan has hit out at age shamers who have been castigating her for dating a younger lover identified as Shakib Cham, who was thought to be in his early 20s.

Zari speaks out on her boyfriend, Shakib’s age

The 41-year-old mum, while addressing the age difference issue, revealed that Shakib Cham is not young but only has genes that make him look young.

She made it clear that Cham is only 10 years younger than she is, insisting that he is not a ‘toyboy’ as Netizens aptly refer to him.

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“My boyfriend is 30, going 31 in December so he’s not young. He does look young,” Zari said via her Insta Stories video.

She added that she will be turning 42 (Zari was born on September 23 1980) and that she doesn’t look old in spite of having five children.

“I am literally turning 42 this year but you wouldn’t tell unless you know me, unless you know I have older kids. If you don’t know me and I pop up with Latiffah and Nillan, you would think those are the only kids that I have. Some of us had kids when we were young.”

The classy socialite says Shakib is only making 31 in December

Zari was first seen with her toyboy in May 2022 while partying at a beach in Dar es Salaam.

On 16th June, the mother-of-five announced that she was dating Shakib moments after she touched down in Tanzania.

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Speaking to the press while headlining a function organised by Softcare, Zari revealed that she was officially married to her young lover.

“This is my partner, actually not just a partner but my boyfriend,” she disclosed.

Zari chilling in her bedroom: