Four flashy and expensive cars owned by Zari…

Allow us to reintroduce her to you this intriguing lady! Zari Hassan is a female internet sensation, a classy socialite and star. She was born Ugandan but is based in South Africa, where she owns several businesses including a tertiary institution, Brooklyn City College, which she inherited from the late ex-hubby, Don Ivan Ssemwanga.

The mother-of-five is a certified businesswoman, entrepreneur and currently the Tourism Ambassador of both Tanzania and Uganda. Besides, changing men like clothes and partying hard, Zari is also an excellent mother, a go-getter and a workaholic, who hustles her socks off to make ends meet. She also earns big from side gigs especially from her social media platforms, where she influences brands.

All the above mentioned income generating moves have enabled her eat life with a big spoon.

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Zari likes balling and showing off her flashy and expensive cars especially on her Instagram account, with over 10.8 million followers.

She at times brags about being a ‘rich aunty’ as she has dimes to splash around and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Almost all her rides have customised number plates, something which comes at a huge cost. In this article, we take you through Zari’s flashy rides in her parking lot.

Checkout the photos below;

Zari owns a Mercedes GLE coupe shaped car, which is one of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz models in the world.
Zari also balls with a Bentley Bentyaga which is coloured blue. Bentley are also one of the most recognised luxury cars in the world. Despite owning it, rumours had it that she only kept it in the garage to take photos if it as she cannot afford to manage and service it
Recently in May this year, The mother-of-five spoiled herself with a brand new Brabus Mercedes Benz, black in colour, with a customized Number Plate, bearing her name ‘Zari’
She also own Range Rover Autobiography