The self-appointed Boss Lady, Zari Hassan is not bowing out of the game and leaving the ring for these twenty-something-year-olds on account of her advanced age.

The classy socialite loving her new toned waist

Nuh, the entrepreneur is not deigning to the title ‘ a hag’ when she has a purse that can get her fixed with a surgeon’s blade.

Trust eagle-eyed online in-laws invested in everyone’s business but theirs have noticed that the Uganda-born- South Africa-based entrepreneur and epitome of ‘soft-life’ has a narrower waist and it has got nothing to do with dieting or ‘just gym it.’

A couple of months back, Zari visited Tz and to the astonishment of many, she looked nothing near her Instagram photos.

Zari was trolled over massive weight gain when she visited TZ last year but she can flaunt her derriere

From the photos taken at the WCB offices, Zari looked more like a school lunch lady as Netizens put it; but yea – her body weight back then took many by surprise.

Her pressure is understandable given her figure has been her selling point and besides, her co-wives Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto went under the knife and bagged big-shot celebrity men

Donna, who in the past admitted she was insecure over her tiny derrière has been flaunting her new figure even with reports emerging that she got her new body as a promotion for some local plastic surgeons on account that she promotes them on her page

After her new hourglass figure, she then upgraded to dating Nigeria’s crooner Omarlay while Hamisa on the other hand, is reportedly kicking it with US rapper and mogul Rick-Ross.

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Herein is Zari’s new body goals;