Classy socialite, Zari Hassan, was left at loss for words after her daughter, Princess Tiffah’s statement while recording a TikTok video.

The self-styled Boss Lady shared a video of her, while spending quality time with Tiffah. The jolly and free-spirited daughter was casually dancing to the music in the background.

Zari, 42, sought to inquire from Tiffah where she learnt to dance as she was pulling some moves that blew her mother’s mind.

Tiffah, while answering her mother, told her that she wanted to be a video vixen and dance like the women in her father’s Diamond Platnumz music videos.

“I want to be dad’s video vixen one day. I want to dance wearing booty shorts and a top like the girls in his video as I shake my body as if I got no bones,” the daughter dropped the bombshell, prompting Zari to stop the recording.

Zari and Diamond have two kids together; Princess Tiffah and Nilan.

Following their break up, they both agreed on cooperating even though they are living worlds apart.

However, Tiffah seems to be bothered with the fact that her parents are not staying under the same roof.

Tiffah puts Zari, Diamond on the spot

In October, the 7-year-old left Diamond and Zari in utter shock after she demanded to know why they broke up.

In a video which Diamond shared on his official Instagram page, Tiffah started off the conversation;

“Last night, mama said you broke up. She even told us that you have another baby and another girl,” Tiffah asked her father, Diamond.

Zari felt concerned and explained what exactly she told her daughter: “I told you papa had another child. That’s why we don’t live together.”

Tiffah also took shots at her mother, hence reporting her mother’s affairs to her father.

“Mother is now with another person,” Tiffah informed her father, Diamond.

The bongo star was shocked to hear the news that his kids know he has other kids and has dated other people apart from their mother.

“Do you believe I have another girlfriend and other kids?” he said in disbelief.

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