Zari insinuates Diamond is a deadbeat father

After a few weeks of being as silent as a graveyard, Zari Hassan has reappeared… and this time she is presumably firing shots at her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz.

The mother-of-five has gone on a rant on social media, sharing a video on her Insta Stories lip-synching to a popular TikTok video talking about strong moms who raise their kids. The voice playing in the background says ‘a lot of people appear to be good fathers only because their children have solid mothers.’

What many have interpreted from her vibrant statement is that; first of all that message was directed at Diamond.

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That video has sparked rumours that all is not well between the classy socialite and Diamond. The two have always been seen to be doing a good job at co-parenting until now that the self-styled Boss Lady is spitting venom, hinting that the multi-award winning star is a deadbeat father.

“A lot of y’all look like good fathers because your kids have a solid mom. Say that sh*t a little louder. I don’t think they heard you in the back,” Zari said.

Has the superstar ever been accused of not being responsible for his children in the past? Yes, indeed! This is not the first time the 41-year-old socialite is calling out Diamond for neglecting their kids. About two years ago, she exposed the crooner for being a poor dad who doesn’t take care of his kids despite all the riches and money he has.

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