A new video of a slay queen serving as a dog or pet to a rich man causes a stir on social media

For the past few days, Netizens have been buzzing after watching a sassy and bubbly babe in a new video, serving as a rich Man’s dog. Economic woes in the region continue to bite all genders but most especially, young babes, who are forced to flock to the Middle East for greener pastures.

So much has been said about a section of beautiful babes, turning to the oldest profession in history to survive harsh conditions in those countries.

There is a documented high-level of dehumanizing acts these babes, who want to live a soft kind of life, partake in, specifically in the United Arab Emirates. Have you ever heard about Dubai Porta Potty?

Different media houses across Africa have in the past weeks reported about the Dubai Porta Potty viral footage, in which supposedly loaded men drop massive pupu into the mouth of slay queens, they hire and pay eyewatering amount of dime to make them happy.

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Now another unverified video, showing beautiful young babe working as rich man’s dog in Dubai, has sent social media users into unavoidable debate. A babe believed to be in her mid-twenties can be seen caged, mimicking a dog, supposedly to please her man and cash in. She is dressed in some skimpy outfits resembling dog fur. And can be heard barking like a dog.

The video has garnered so much attention, with many Netizens spitting venom.

Watch the video below;