10 naughty lines you can whisper to him

Would you like to become his most desirable bedmate, with pleasing qualities? Then make his boneless muscle rock hard and give him wild thoughts with simple but tingling naughty phrases and sentences.

Being an alluring lioness between the sheets is sometimes so simple! You can make your man crave for you the most through both soothing and piercing words. What you whisper to his ears with either lights on or off, can prepare his mind and shoot him to the world of pleasure with little fuss.

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With the competition of other suitors out there, who wish to drive your man crazy and make him forget you, spicing up your romance with d**ty talk is ideal. It doesn’t matter whether he is right beside you. You can begin the triggering process even if he is still at his place of work. By the time he is home, he’ll be putty in your hands. You’ll be the irresistible lover that he keeps coming back to again and again.

However, before I get you started, be reminded that this may not work for first dates. I am communicating to already bonkmates or at least friends with benefits. And also be guided that how you talk naughty to your partner in passion depends on how warm quilt you both are.

Be creative and daring! In some cases, it takes some practice to see what things you whisper work the best for him. It mostly depends on his personality type and what he likes. I advise that you systematically choose which buttons to press, process by process, then work your way up.

Below are 10 naughty lines you can whisper to him and trigger his mind and feelings:

Can I have you right now? My sumbie is all throbbing.

– Why can’t I have you right now? It is all dripping.

– I’m not wearing any underwear.

– Lie down on the bed and I will help you take your shirt off.

– When you take your shirt off, it makes me weak in the knees.

– I can pleasure you in ways you didn’t think existed.

– I’m horny all the time with you.

– You turn me into such a whore.

– Are you hungry baby? I want to swallow you up.

– You are the biggest turn-on.

– Why can’t I have you right now?