Mistakes babes do when starting new relationship

As a babe who is newly engaged in a romantic relationship, it becomes pivotal to abstain from certain practices – at least not yet, in other not to be taken advantage of when starting new relationship. See them below.

1. Doing everything to please and sustain your partner to your detriment.

I know it is only instinctive to please one’s partner in other to sustain their interest and commitment to the relationship, but doing everything your partner requests of you, most especially when it appears to be detrimental to your health and personality might not be the kind of relationship that will guarantee your inner satisfaction. Such an attitude will only amount to mental servitude which will eventually deny you of your peace.

2. Relocating to his apartment, especially when you both aren’t married.

The practice of moving into his house a few days after he made his relationship advances at you is only an act of desperation that will most likely end in regret. Conforming to such a lifestyle might make him perceive you to be cheap, and desperate and will eventually end up taking advantage of the situation. Such a practice can also reduce your worth before him.

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3. Trusting too quickly with sensitive and controversial information.

I understand you might like his personality and appearance, but trust me; it still isn’t the right time to trust him with sensitive information about yourself. For instance, discussing your weakness, vulnerabilities or even your family secret is completely unnecessary in a new relationship. Remember, you still haven’t known his full personality yet.

4. Initiating marriage discussions with him.

Discussing how many kids you want to have with him, the kind of gown you would want to wear on your wedding day, or the kind of romance you would want with him, especially when he hasn’t initiated such discussions will make him perceive you to be desperate for marriage. Even though you want these things, it isn’t the right time to discuss them with him in other not to give him the edge to take advantage of you.

5. Serving beans to sustain his interest in you.

First, it is important to understand that you can not sustain a man’s interest in you by bribing him with beans. A man who genuinely loves you and would want to be with you does not need to be solicited with romps. The idea of constantly pleasing a man s3xually to keep his interest in you might most likely end in regret