When you know the signs that she wants to end the relationship, know what to expect and not be taken unaware. It is impossible to know what your girlfriend is thinking right now but with her actions, you will be able to detect if she wants to pull out of the relationship or not. If you notice the signs in a girl whom you still love very much, you can find a way to sort things out while it’s still early.

1. She stops appreciating the things you do. The things you used to do for her that made her very happy will stop making her happy. She might even condemn your efforts whenever you try to do something for her. At this point, everything you do will seem little to her and she will end up not appreciating your efforts.

2. She starts distancing herself from you. A girl might want to end a relationship because she doesn’t love you anymore and this will make her start distancing herself from you. She might even stop enjoying your company and start feeling bored around you. This is a sign that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship.

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3. She stops arguing with you. Couples usually argue and settle everything in the twinkle of an eye. However, when a girl stops arguing with you, it simply means that she doesn’t care about the relationship anymore and might not want to set things right when things go bad.

4. She stops telling you of the things that go on in her life. People in a relationship usually share their experiences with their partners. When you notice that a girl has started keeping things to herself, it simply shows that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship.

5. She doesn’t care about you anymore. If she was the caring type that would call you whenever you keep late nights, you will notice that all of that will stop the moment she decides to leave the relationship. She might even stop calling you to ask about your wellbeing.