DEAR ZZINA POWER:  MY boyfriend thinks I was lying about being a virgin because I didn’t bleed the first time we chewed each other.

I’m 23 and he’s 30, and we’ve been seeing each other for three months.

He said I couldn’t have been a virgin because I wasn’t shy when we had sex, but that’s because I felt comfortable with him.

Now he says I’m lying and must have had sex with other guys.

I feel horrible and don’t know what to say or do to make him believe me.

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ZZINA POWER SAYSThis is your boyfriend’s problem, not yours.

He’s insecure and has preconceived ideas about how a woman’s body works.

Not every woman bleeds the first time.

Don’t accept this treatment – it will damage your self-esteem and confidence.

Do think carefully about whether you want to stay with him.

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