After dropping his single. ‘Akahama’, rumours of talented singer Toniks dropping an EP under Vibrations label in collaboration with Evoke Uganda started swirling around town but it looks like that won’t be the case as he is set to drop an Album dubbed, ‘Awo’.

However, sources close to the artist have confirmed that Toniks will instead release a full album titled “Awo”! Although Allan has had highly captivating performances at the Chike concert and on Tusker Malt Conver Sessions to mention but a few, he did take a hiatus from music for about 2 years (2015-2017) siting some personal challenges that he had to navigate.

Toniks has since then got a full team with Evoke Uganda and is gearing up to make his mark with his first ever album. Speaking to Jeremiah Ainebyona who is managing the artiste’s P.R, he mentioned that Evoke is dedicated to making Toniks an international sensation in all aspects even outside of music. “Toniks is an extremely talented artiste. This new album is not only going to showcase his vocal abilities but also his writing and production skills. “ Jeremiah added.

The two-year COVID-19 restrictions led Allan to an extraordinary journey to where he found himself focused on putting together an embodiment of his best work yet with futuristic collaborations in his foresight. Staying true to his RnB roots majority of the songs on the album are expected to induce a lot of emotion and first love nostalgia.

With music industry thinking being that artists cannot risk so much as a week away from the permanent bustle of social media or playlists for fear that clever marketing or cleverer algorithms push audiences to another act, Toniks’ has every intention to make his come back very loud and grand.
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