Why Sheilah featured in Bebe’s new banger, Tick Talk

Big Size Bebe Cool has dominated the entertainment space with his superstar lifestyle, unquestionable talent and never-ending controversy!

Bebe Cool mastered the art of showbiz and how to become a subject of debate, with or without a hit song on the countdown. For instance, he has not had any banger, bossing airwaves for a while, but his name has stayed ringing throughout.

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His recent songs like Make A Wish and Gyenvudde, have failed to hit the ground rolling with his political and social comments about either nemesis, Bobi Wine or King Saha. Safe to say that he has successfully built a character and extended his own emotional repertoire. Credit given where it is due, because celebrities need that kind of persona to remain relevant.

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The 44-year-old music star, whose music career spans more than two decades, has a new song, Tick Talk, and it is very easy to notice that he is employing his usual tactics to push it.

In Tick Talk visuals, Bebe features Sheilah Gashumba, a bubbly socialite and TV presenter, who has social media numbers and of course the vibe and hunger to make the project even bigger. Bebe knows that Sheilah will post the song on her social media pages and make noise about it. Many music lovers would obviously want to watch her wiggle and twist her waistline as a vixen, hence tapping that much traffic. 

Sheilah 27, together with other vixens in the Tick Talk video understand the assignment, with impressively executed choreography. The lighting, crystal-clear picture and camera angles are worth it all.

The video also features DJ Lito, DJ Slick Stuart and Roger!

With Tick Talk, Moses Ssali is yet again a very strong contender for his own list. The work is evident.

Watch and enjoy Tick Talk visuals below;

Tick Talk Bebe