For so long, Bebe Cool and Leone Island graduate, King Saha have been at loggerheads. The rift between the pair started in 2019 when Bebe Cool called out King Saha for abusing drugs.

Bebe claimed that Saha is a drug addict, whose music career is on a knife’s edge, and advised him to think twice before the worst comes to the worst.

The controversial Gagamel chief’s advice left a bitter taste in Saha’s mouth and he retaliated by warning him to back off.

In the previous lock down, the pair seemed to have ceased fire and buried the hatchet, but their beef was re-ignited recently when Bebe watered down King Saha’s leadership skills and capabilities after he declared his intention to run for Uganda Musician Association (UMA) presidency.

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As King Saha was busy collecting signatures and convincing fellow artists to support his bid, Bebe Cool was on the other hand trashing him in a series of interviews.

Despite the battering, King Saha tried to entice Bebe by promising to appoint him as one of his advisors, if he beats incumbent, Cindy, who is seeking re-election, to the top office, but all in vain.

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Instead, on Wednesday, Bebe held a presser in which he declared his full support for Cindy, a move which must have hit King Saha below the belt! With so much anger, the crooner ran to producer Nessim’s studio and recorded a song, Zakayo, in which he attacks the self-proclaimed Big Size, whose music career spans two decades.

The artwork of the song depicts Bebe’s image, but with a Chimpanzee face. In one of his previous interviews, King Saha revealed that he would release a song and dedicate it to Bebe. We guess Zakayo just might be that song!

Listen to Zakayo and be the judge: