Motormouth YouTuber and former TV gossip monger, Tina Fierce, is out here standing by her word after trashing Spice Diana’s newly released ‘StarGal’ Extended Play (EP).

She says Spice needs someone brave enough to tell her the bitter truth, not sugarcoating sh*t.

Tina Fierce took to her social media pages and poured cold water on Spice Diana‘s EP, deeming it garbage.

“But why can’t y’all be honest and tell SpiceDiana that her EP, just like most of her music, is trash? Or is it just me? Anyway, congs on giving us more lackluster “Art” #puregabage according to me! That’s my opinion,” she said.

Following her opinion, some of the Netizens sided with her, with others branding her a hater, who has a bone to pick with the star singer.

However, despite the backlash especially from Spice Diana’s loyal fans, the Spice Gadgets, Tina is not about to back down.

She says that some uncomfortable conversations or statements have to be aired out for the good of the music industry, reasoning that Nigerian music will still boss the airwaves if some Ugandan artists are not told to wake up.

“I said what I said! If you are offended or triggered by it then that’s on you! I would love to have our music celebrated by the world too! We can’t keep churning useless garbage under the guise of “support our own” and go ahead to pay Nigerians to perform for us! Grow our industry! “A lot of Ugandan talented artists are underdogs forever because untalented people with trash music pay their way up but because the top so called artists have trash music it only stays within the limits their influence can take it which is Uganda border,” Tina Fierce explained.

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Last week on Thursday, Spice Diana organised her maiden Extended Play (EP) StarGal listening party at Cubana Bar and Lounge, in Munyonyo and at least the event was a huge success.

The VIP party was attended by the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga and a list of decorated Ugandan artists and comedians, who honoured the invite and came through to show a fellow artist some love. Unity was evident!

The highlight of the pompous event was singer Sheebah Karungi’s least expected attendance, given the fact that she and Spice had not rubbed shoulders in ages. 

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