Exclusive reports streaming in via inside sources suggest that singer Spice Diana reached out to Sheebah Karungi and begged her to grace her StarGal EP party, interesting right?

For starters, Spice Diana organised her maiden Extended Play (EP) StarGal listening party at Cubana Bar and Lounge, in Munyonyo and it was a huge success. The VIP party was graced by the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga and a list of decorated Ugandan artists and comedians, who honoured the invite and came through to show a fellow artist some love. Unity was evident!

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However, the highlight of the pompous event was singer Sheebah Karungi’s least expected attendance, given the fact that she and Spice had not rubbed shoulders in ages. Very few people would have anticipated Sheebah coming through. It was a huge surprise!

An insider tells us that a week ago Spice drove to Sheebah’s residence in Munyonyo after a lengthy chat on phone between the two. Apparently, while at Sheebah’s home, the two had a closed door meeting, presumably, to iron out their differences and unite.

Everything went as planned! A source adds that during the one-on-one conversation, Spice slid onto her knees and asked Queen Karma to attend her StarGal EP party to show support, which she agreed to.

“…Spice reach out to Sheebah at her home. They talked for about three hours bambi ka Spice neka musaba abeerewo ku party,“ an insider revealed to us.

The moment then arrives at the StarGal EP party…

Walking up to the stage amid Spice’s performance, Sheebah made a big statement for the entertainment industry, to which probably everyone was waiting for!

Spice gave her the mic and she oozed out unity! She expressed her happiness as well, describing the moment as a beautiful one.

“This is beautiful. For me, moments like this as a woman make me so happy because I am a feminist and not a fake feminist but a real feminist so I really love moments like these,” Sheebah stated.

The former Team No Sleep (TNS) member further revealed that the female artists were intentionally divided by their male counterparts but they are now uniting to stop that from happening again.

“Congratulations. I came here to tell you that I see you, I respect you, I respect your hustle. I came here to tell you that I know the males in the industry started dividing the females in the industry so that they can keep winning but now they can’t do that again. We’re going to unite together, and support each other. Everybody’s here for you, I can’t wait for the day to do anything you’d want me to do for you, I am here. The female future is now!” Sheebah noted.

Over the years, Sheebah and Spice Diana have always avoided each other’s space, with their fans, the Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets, often clashing on social media as they fight for their respective artists.

It became an open secret that the pair had unhealthy competitions with gossip columns pointing it in the direction of a battle for supremacy. At some point, Spice Diana lost steam and begged Sheebah to ask the trigger-happy Sheebaholics to cease fire after getting battered properly. The then bloodthirsty Queen Karma gave her a cold shoulder as she ignored her plea.

However, the two sensational entertainers buried the hatchet and squashed their beef.

Watch as Spice and Sheebah share light moment on stage