SK Mbuga is a bedroom flop, Leila Kayondo discloses

Did you know that showy tycoon, Sulaiman Kabangala a.k.a SK Mbuga, is a one-minute man? Apparently, his battery is too low to immaculately execute the midnight duties. If not, then his ex-lover, Leila Kayondo is just sourgraping in her latest bitter verbatim.

This week on Tuesday, Leila Kayondo, surprisingly opened a fresh war of words on SK Mbuga for reasons only known to the pair.

Pouring out all her anger and frustrations via a series of WhatsApp status stories, Kayondo grabbed the bull by the horns, disclosing how Mbuga has been camping at her apartment to have a taste of her delicious ‘Luwombo of beans’, behind his wife, Vivienne Chebet’s back!

With a mission to expose and tear Mbuga apart, the irate Kayondo branded him a bedroom flop, whose poor Zzina skills failed to impress and make her reach the finish line.

She went on to term him an ‘uneducated fool’, who is ‘attracted to any woman that speaks a foreign language.’

“Mbuga! You are such a fool. You can be attracted to any woman that speaks a foreign language. Anything you don’t understand arouses you,” Leilah Kayondo vented.

“Anyone that wants to date Mbuga! Please speak a foreign language that he doesn’t understand or speak English! Automatically he will assume you are pretty! That uneducated fool,” she continued to bite, before vowing to expose him via her SnapChat if he ever set foot at her doorstep again.

“Ate mbwa toda kukazigo kange! I will Snapchat your ‘kiwalata’ while you climb my stairs,” Leila blasted.

Despite all the attack, the ex-conv is yet to cough or sneeze!

Mbuga and Leila were passionate lovers for years but developed love woes in 2015 which saw them part ways. The woes were reported as a result of infidelity and domestic violence.

Mbuga later married his girlfriend Jalia Vivienne Mbuga, who is to date his official wife despite numerous fallouts.

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