Renowned city businessman Hajji Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga a.k.a SK Mbuga has spearheaded fundraising towards the treatment of aspiring news anchor Linda Ainembabazi who suffers from Fibrosarcoma stage 3 cancer.

In September, news about Linda Ainembabazi, a 15-year-old student who was in dire need of a bone marrow transplant made rounds as concerned parties called upon the public to help fundraise money.

“15-year-old Linda Ainembabazi was diagnosed with Leukemia. She needs 230 million shillings for a bone marrow transplant in India. Her father is helpless after having a stroke about two years ago. Her dream is to become an anchor,” Journalist Sudhir Byaruhanga tweeted on September,18.

Upon traveling to India, however, Ainembabazi was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma stage 3 cancer which required urgent treatment.

“There has been a campaign running for her. While in Uganda, she was diagnosed with Leukemia but when flown abroad, Linda was told that she was suffering from stage 3 Cancer,” a source revealed to this website.

According to the source, Ainembabazi’s parents were not able to raise money to ensure their daughter is treated hence calling upon the public and well-wishers to help them in their efforts.

Ainembabazi’s family contacted different people including Hajji SK Mbuga who agreed to spearhead a charity campaign to fundraise money to foot medical bills.

SK Mbuga is said to have contributed alongside other fundraisers including Frank Mwesigye, to raise over Shs53m which is to help in Ainembabazi’s treatment.

In a video accessed by this website, Ainembabazi is seen thanking whoever contributed to the initial fundraising campaign and noted that doctors are positive she will come out the victor.

Hi everyone, it’s me Linda Ainembabazi again. I want to thank you for the contribution made towards my treatment.

We received 53.2m from tens of people and managed to go to India on November 3, 2023. Doctors carried out several tests and it was confirmed that I have Fibrosarcoma stage 3 cancer and not Leukemia. The good news is that doctors say I have high chances of defeating this silent killer.

SK Mbuga has urged more people to join the fundraising campaign which is still ongoing as Ainembabazi continues to receive further treatment.