Kenzo avoids shaking Bobi’s hand at Zex’s album listening party

It seems Eddy Kenzo never wants to breathe the same air as Bobi Wine again, and will do anything within his power to avoid the drama.

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Those who attended Zex Bilangilangi‘s Hercules 10 Times Album listening party at Exo Lounge witnessed it as Kenzo stormed out of the building soon after Bobi made a grand entrance with his crew.

Kenzo honoured Zex Bilangilangi’s invite and came through to share some love, little knowing that Bobi Wine would also find time to grace the party, given his tight schedule.

Donning all black, with his head buried in a hood and black designer shades, Kenzo arrived a little early and received a worthy welcome. Fans, fellow artists and members of the fourth estate gave him the attention every celebrity would yearn for. At the back of his mind, perhaps, the 2015 BET Viewer’s Choice Award winner knew he had stolen the show, Kumbe, he wasn’t going to be the only bull in the kraal!

Within a few minutes, Bobi Wine and his crew, full of bouncers and other ‘pikelele’ made their way into Exo Lounge and boom! The attention switched to the popstar cum National Unity Platform (NUP) honcho.

Literally, his presence swept every attendee on their feet and the scent in the lounge changed too. It was People Power scent smelling! NUP disciples started chanting Bobi’s name, with others shouting; “Pulezidenti, Omubanda, Fadha and all those glorifying titles, at the top of their voices.

Obviously, this was so painful for Kenzo to witness, given his broken relationship with the NUP messiah. Next thing in line for him was to trace the nearest exit. He did just that and left his nemesis to enjoy the space in peace!

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Muzzinyi Flora of PokoPoko was there to sniff and she didn’t disappoint.

Watch her narrate how the events unfolded. 

Kenzo avoids shaking Bobi’s hand at Zex’s party