King Saha was one of the three contestants tussling it out for the Uganda Musicians Association’s top office in the unsuccessful UMA elections on 6th June 2022.

The voting process was stopped because of irregularities in the system and the singer claimed the incumbent who was also a contestant, Cindy Sanyu was rigging.

Now UMA announced a new date for the elections, 28th June 2022.

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These elections will not be held online just like the previous but rather using a secret ballot that King Saha requested for.

As a way to celebrate, he has flown to Dubai to take a break for some days as he prepares for his performance in the Emirate.

King Saha said he will be back to campaign afresh among his fellow musicians. “I have taken a break to Dubai. I will come back and campaign again. Tell the musicians why they have to vote for me.” He said.

King Saha and Cindy Sanyu are the top contenders for the top office of the association