The B2C boys, a sensational singing group, composed of Delivad Julio, Mr. Lee, and Bobby Lash, are out here lamenting, as pressure and fear mounts of their concert flopping at Juliana Kanyomozi’s expense. Both B2C and Juliana are set to lock horns after the legendary songbird’s decision to have her concert on the same date as theirs. 

In an interview with Muzzinyi and Gossip star, Flora Show, one of the members, Bobby Lash, disclosed that he and the boys never felt at ease and are scared but can not change their date because they already paid for everything.

“We were not happy with it but there is nothing to do. Getting scared is natural and yes we are but we can not change the date because it’s no longer possible because we have already paid for everything,” he said.

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Obviously frustrated, Bobby Lash said that he has a bone to pick with Juliana’s concert organisers because, according to him, they have always confirmed the dates. Swangz Avenue is the brain behind Juliana’s concert. Bobby recollected that in 2018, Swangz Avenue team stepped on the boys’ toes in the same manner, a move that forced them to chicken out and push their show to a later date. 

“It is not the first time that the organisers of Juliana’s concert are doing this to us. In 2018, we announced our concert and they went ahead to put Morgan Heritage on the same day. That time, we changed the date because we had not paid everything,” he recalled.

The concerts of the two fall on August 19, this year. Juliana’s concert is at Serena and its ticket runs for Sh150,000 an individual and 3M a table. That of the B2C boys will take place at Freedom City and goes for UGX 10,000, UGX 30,000, for ordinary and VIP respectively and 1M a table.

Watch the interview below

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