Juliana Kanyomozi is forever grateful to Bobi Wine for providing her with a breakthrough song.

While working as presenter at one of the city media houses, Juliana met Bobi Wine as he went there to promote her new song. At that time, Juliana had songs which sung in English.

The pair had a candid conversation and it was during that time that Bobi Wine suggested collaborating on a project together. Bobi Wine and Juliana hit the studio and boom! They gave us “Taata Wa’baana”, the song which bossed airwaves and introduced Juliana to mainstream.

Inspired by the success of her collaboration with Bobi Wine, Juliana continued to push boundaries and prove her critics wrong. She embarked on another collaboration with Bobi Wine, releasing “Mama Mbire.” Many doubted her ability to deliver once again, insinuating that she was just lucky.

With the help of veteran songwriter Silver Kyagulanyi, Juliana dropped “Nabikoowa”, a classic hit which further solidified her music career.

Juliana reveals that after the success of “Nabikoowa”, she made the decision to focus solely on her music career and leave behind her radio presenting duties.

Watch the full interview/ Crdt; Ruth Kalibbala Bwanika