A heartwarming video has emerged on social media showing the last moments of a couple who perished in a grisly accident.

The couple had sweet moments together before their death in an accident.

Norbert Tizikara, 32, and his lover Caroline Aturinda died in the early morning of Sunday, July 10, after the vehicle they travelled in was hit by a train on a railway in Uganda.

A video circulating on social media shows the two love birds who died together having fun and cuddling each other, presumably, as they warm up for steamy romps…but the devil stepped into their plan.

Apparently, the video was taken at the party that the duo attended just before their gruesome death at the railway station.

In the 10-sec-video, Tizikara and Aturinda can be seen hugging and laughing, not knowing that the Angel of Death was waiting for them on their way home to strike.

Watch the video below;


Sadly, after the party, the couple and another woman identified as Anne got into their vehicle to go home, but they did not make it.

In the clip which has since gone viral, the train, with its bright lights, is seen approaching just at the moment that the driver of the car attempts to close the railway.

In a chilling moment, the train is seen crashing the car to pieces.

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Wilfred Natolie, one of the eyewitnesses, said he reached the scene a few moments after the accident had occurred and he was told the victims had been rushed on Boda Bodas to Naguru Hospital for medical attention.

“While driving through Nakawa, I saw an accident involving a Mercedes Benz which had been moved by the train for about 70 meters. When I reached the wreckage hoping to get occupants there, I was told by the people around that the occupants had been rushed for first aid,” he said.