AUDIO: Gravity Omutujju goes all out against Spice Diana & her manager Roger as he sheds light on all their evil plans to halt other musician’s progress

It seems like celebrated local rapper Gravity Omutujju won’t just let go of fellow musician Spice Diana and her long time Manager Lubega Rogers any time soon.

After publicly declaring a fortnight ago how Spice Diana & her Manager are hypocrites who are full of bad intentions, the no nonsense rapper has once again attacked the source management duo with claims that the two don’t wish any artist in Uganda success.

Gravity, who appeared exhausted by the time our reporter met him for an interview, freely let the worms out of the can by saying he wasn’t afraid of telling Spice and Roger the n@ked truth before going on to allege that the two of them hold fake personalities.

“I want to make it clear to you that Spice & her manager are fake people. They can never wish good for anyone in the industry. I am a very open person and that’s why I have come out to tell it to them straight up. The two of them are shit and I won’t it back” an angry Gravity Omutujju ranted at the duo

Listen to Gravity’s Audio battering Spice and her Manager;