Following his recent remarks accusing Spice Diana and her manager Roger of being “hypocrites”, Gravity Omutujju has further denied ever being the singer’s friend and bedmate.

Last week on Friday, through a blockbuster Big Bang interview hosted by Prim, DJ Nimrod and Litto Jo on Galaxy FM, Gravity Omutujju exposed singer Spice Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega, claiming that they are wolves in sheep skin.

Branding the pair as “hypocrites” and “dark-hearted” people, the bloodthirsty Gravity further alleged that the two play ping pong games to thwart other artists’ plans but pretend to be nice!

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His revelation was questioned by many critics who noted that he had perhaps fallen out with Spice Diana, his former friend, over private matters.

Since then, Gravity has had a series of interviews in which he punches holes into Spice and Roger.

In another interview with PokoPoko star and certified Muzzinyi, Flora, before his performance at DJ Nimrod’s All-White party at the Uganda Museum on Sunday, Gravity denied ever being Spice’s friend and squashed allegations that he and the budding female star once bonked.

Gravity explained that even when they kissed during the “Ndi Mu Love” raunchy video shoot in 2018, he only did it because Roger was his friend but rather not because he had any relationship with Spice.

“My issue is not with Spice because she is not my friend. Forget about the kiss and relationship allegations. The kiss was just for the video shoot and I did it for my friend Roger, who is her manager. Spice has never been my friend. Roger is still my friend but I just had to speak the truth,” the husky voiced Luga Flo rapper blasted.

Gravity further noted that around the media, Spice and Roger are the nicest people but back door, they do not wish well upon anyone.

“Those people are only nice to the media because they want you to spread that version of them but deep inside, they are not the best. They want to be everything, they have beef with everyone, even a mere driver,” he added.