If you see Spice Diana eating her money and enjoying life, leave her in peace for she deserves everything good, having hustled her way to the top.

According to the self-styled Stargyal, she had a rough childhood just like most Ugandans from humble grounds.

Spice Diana says that her education was challenging, owing to family financial constraints and that her single mother and siblings were living hand to mouth, barely affording life in the city. So, when her school fees arrears accumulated, and with her O’level final exams on the horizon, she had one choice: take advantage of the ‘Agriculture’ teacher who apparently wanted to cultivate and play in her garden of beans.

The teacher, whom she chose not to name during her most recent candid interview, doubled as a senior administrator at the school.

Playing her cards right, when the mum failed to clear UNEB registration fees, Spice Diana says, she went to the ho*ny teacher, dropped on her knees and pleaded with him to be patient as the mum sketched for the fees.

“That very evening he called me to his office and told me he was willing to let me stay if I agreed to be his woman,” she recounted

“I felt bad, but I pretended it was ok,” she said.

In the days that followed, the 27-year-old songstress reveals, she started to be elusive, something that left a bitter taste in the Agriculture teacher’s mouth and boom! Hell broke loose.

Spice says the shameless teacher couldn’t concede defeat as he started harassing her in front of her classmates, often labelling her a sumbie vendor.

Under pressure, she decided to return home for two weeks. On the mission to at least plant a few seeds in the singer’s garden, the teacher started sending her love letters through her friends and begging her to return to school.

That’s when she had an idea.

One morning, she returned to school and went to his office to confront him.

“I showed him all the letters he was sending me, and I told him this was evidence that he was trying to s*xually assault me. I told him, “this is your handwriting, you have no way of denying that you were forcing me to have s3x with you.”

“In the end, he had no choice but to write me a clearance note that allowed me to study. I even brought my sister who also studied and finished on the same terms and conditions.”

He hated me so much, but he had nothing to do. He just resorted to bullying me.