MC Kats & Caroline Marcah tired of bonking from small Owino bufundas, pair takes their vibration sessions to Mombasa coast

It is no longer a secret that NBS TV presenter MC Kats and beautiful Bukedde TV star Caroline Marcah have been dating for over 2 years now.

For those who vividly remember, you must have realised that when MC Kats publicly announced that he was HIV positive back in 2019, Caroline Marcah was heavily touched by his story.

After days of getting to know each other, the two presenters became best of friends with some sources even alleging that the pair was feasting on each other.

When MC Kats officially broke up with his baby mama Fille Mutoni, his relationship with Carol became even stronger with the pair constantly pictured having fun in bars, local beaches and motels.

The conclusion arrived at by Netizens was that Kats and Carol were now more than just friends. To be honest, it was difficult to counter argue their claims as the pair’s public display of affection was so open that even a toddler could tell what was going on.

After having fun for almost 2 years and painting Kampala City with red hot love, the couple decided to freshen things up by taking their glowing love to the port of Mombasa.

In some of the beautiful pictures shared on Kats’ Instagram account, the NBS TV presenter can be seen enjoying the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean with his bonkmate Carol beside him.