Fire baby Winnie Nwagi thrown out of internal affairs offices after star singer brings her ‘lugezigezi’ to hungry Askaris

Singer Winnie Nwagi might be known by many as an explosive no-nonsense musician who will come at you for infringing on her space on social media.

While her brave character on the net might portray her as an iron lady who doesn’t give the F, she might have quickly realised that there are so many ‘talented’ people out there who outweigh her no-nonsense personality.

This realisation happened today morning when the Swangz Avenue singer went to Ministry of Internal Affairs to sort out her UK travel ban after being accused by renowned UK promoter (Mama Africa) for failing to honour her contract while in London for the UK Summer Fest 2022.

Having accused Winnie of smoking weed while in her hotel room and signing onto other events, which she wasn’t booked for, the UK Immigration Office reportedly slapped a travel ban on Winnie Nwagi for an unspecified period of time.

As a way of trying to clear her name and get the ban removed, Winnie stormed the Ministry of Internal Affairs offices for guidance.

While there, she kept pestering the Askaris to show her the right contacts to help her pull strings but unfortunately for her, no one was willing to help.

As time went by, the back and forth exchange with the Askari led to a verbal war and as a result, the Malaika hitmaker was ordered to vacate the premises or else risk being arrested.

Humbled by the power of the gun, Winnie strolled through the compound and found her way back home.