Humbled Weasel slides into Daniella’s inbox to beg for forgiveness as US-based mama vows to teach him a lesson

Singer Douglas Mayanja a.k.a Weasel Manizo, is still in the news for allegedly battering his baby mama to the point of no recognition.

As we have reported over the last couple of days, pictures of Weasel’s baby mama with scars all over her body (her face, back and thighs) leaked on social media with reports claiming that the ‘Tokyayitaba’ hit maker had been torturing her over a long period of time.

Days after the gruesome images made headlines on social media, Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim took to her Instagram account and condemned the manner in which Weasel was mistreating his baby mama (Sandra Teta).

To top it off, the no nonsense disciplinarian took it a notch higher by calling on the public to speak out against Weasel’s violence.

“Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now. All you self proclaimed feminists, the time is now. Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours. Sandra’s children deserve better. #healinghearts#,” Daniella’s post read.

Perhaps having been overwhelmed by Daniella’s pressure, Weasel slid into her inbox and begged her to stop castigating him on social media as he was willing to change for the better.

From the screenshots shared on Daniella’s Instagram page, Weasel can be seen pleading for forgiveness, “Please mummy” part of Weasel’s request to Daniella read.

In her response to Weasel’s message, Daniella stood firm by telling him to stop beating Sandra as she doesn’t wish him to go in a bad place, “Weasel you need to stop, I love you and I don’t want you to end up in a bad place. It’s not too late to make peace and be a better husband,” Daniella re-affirmed her stance.