TV star, Sheila Salta, must have been sweet. A year later, her ex-boyfriend still talks good about her.

In an interview, Maxxie Kizito alias Mr. Belaire, a socialite and a man known to be in the circles of singer Jose Chameleone, confirms that he suffered a terrible heartbreak a year ago when he and Salta parted ways.

However, he has already been spotted at city hang-outs with a babe believed to be of Kenya-German origin.

During their party moments, they are seen comfortably showing a PDA (Public Display of Affection) – as though to hurt their exes.

In addition to hanging out at lavish drinking joints, they do away with their hangovers at flashy restaurants during these hard times when some Ugandans can barely afford a meal a day while others are dying of hunger.

Our reporter caught up with Maxxie Kizito and here is what he says:

Question: We hear that you got yourself a new babe. Who is she?

Answer: Nadine Kamolleh. She is of Kenyan/German origin, and also a well-known socialite, not only in Kampala. Nadine has been working all over East Africa, and is most respected in Nairobi and Mombasa, working with Jameson Irish Whiskey for many many years. She has been promoted to Brand Ambassador of Jameson for East Africa. She also works in the events and branding industry and is responsible for some amazing events herself! Aka LADY JAMESON.

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Question: So, would you say you are in a new relationship?

Answer: New, is the wrong word. I’ve known Nadine for years now. We work in the same Industry! Also, I’ve always felt comfortable around her, even when I was still with Sheila.
Nadine and I are having a great time and that’s what matters!

Question: What about Sheila? Is it different dating a girl that’s not in the spot light?

Answer: Honestly, we know Salta has been on TV from a young age, but if it wasn’t for my support and management for over 8 years, Sheila would have never seen that spotlight! As for Nadine, she might not be as famous on tv, but I promise you she has a lot of power in the entertainment industry around Africa. That power is worth more than fame!

Question: Would you say that you love Nadine more than you did Sheila?

Answer: “That’s a bit personal, but let me be clear. Yes, I loved Sheila Salta very much for many years. But I am very much over her, I don’t think of her anymore, when I see her in public, I simply wave and move on. She doesn’t bother me anymore!

If I am in love with Nadine am not going to answer that today or anytime soon, I respect Nadine’s privacy and we are just trying to enjoy each other for now.”