Manake on the run: Police in Sironko are hunting for a man currently on the run for attempting to bury his three-year-old son alive.

The suspect is 38-year-old Simon Manake, a resident of Mayiyi village Bukusege parish, Busamaga Sub County in Sironko district.

Tom Kidandi, the LC I chairperson of Mayiyi village, says that Manake developed misunderstandings with his wife only identified as Irene on Saturday on the parentage of their three-year-old son. He says that as local leaders they intervened in the matter and counselled the couple thinking that they had reconciled. 

Kidandi notes that Manake dug a grave later and tried to bury the minor alive prompting his wife to raise an alarm, which attracted locals. Manake fled into hiding.

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Moses Maduli, the LCIII chairperson of Busamaga Sub County, says that Manake acted under the influence of alcohol. He adds that Manake is fond of excessive alcohol consumption, which forces him into fights with his wife. 

He says that they have launched a manhunt for Manake, who is on the run, to answer charges of attempted murder.