It is almost clear that Sandra Teta, the mother of singer Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel Manizo’s children, cannot do without Uganda.

Teta is currently in Kigali – Rwanda, after her country’s Embassy in Uganda intervened in alleged domestic violence she was going through in the hands of the Goodlyf founder, Weasel.

Sources within Teta’s circles say that the brown-skinned babe is having it rough in Kigali given the fact that she does not have a job there.

The couple left the venue with bonking intentions written allover their faces

“Why do you think that even now that she is away, she has not come out to say anything against her baby daddy, Weasel?” a source said, “You can’t be a mother and not working. She is returning to Kampala soon.”


The source notes, back in Uganda, apart from working in high-end bars, Teta had a close working relationship with the owner of Nomad Bar and according to a source, Weasel mistook it for a secret affair, beyond just work.

“That’s why Weasel resorted to beating her,” a source says.

But despite the beating, Teta heavily continues to defend her man, something her friends say is because she prefers Kampala to Kigali.

Sandra Teta before after the alleged battering in the hands of her baby daddy, Weasel

It is important to note that for a long time now, Teta has remained tight-lipped about whether or not she was being battered. It were because of the photos that leaked on social media that had the social media pick the matter up.

Since the emergence of the gruesome photos, her in-law, Daniella Atim, the wife of Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon, has been on Weasel’s case, reminding him to back off beating his baby mama.

However, both Weasel and Teta have been speaking the same language: “Back off our family affair”.