Douglas Lwanga is one of the most celebrated entertainment TV personalities in the country.

He has contributed so much to the entertainment world that he is one of the most trusted opinion leaders in that particular field.

On Nigerian music dominance in Uganda, Lwanga has advised all the music industry stakeholders to work as a team in order to put it to a stop. “All stakeholders need to work together to stop the dominance of Nigerian music. It’s swallowing up our industry. Working together is the only way we can achieve the goal,” he said.

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There have been several complaints about how Nigerian music has dominated the Ugandan music market.

Only recently, musician Eddie Kenzo argued that there is a time for everything. He noted that just like Congolese music dominated Ugandan airwaves in the 90s, now is the time for Nigerian music and that some day in the near future, Ugandan music will shine as well.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 Nigerians have performed in Uganda.