Retiring from active service

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is also the Commander In Chief of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), has said army officers retiring from active service should use the opportunity to create wealth for themselves now that the Government is able to send them off with some good remuneration.

“You have done army work. Now go and do something in the economy in these last years,” Museveni said.

Gen. Museveni was speaking at a ceremony to retire 48 general officers of the UPDF at State House, Entebbe. These were meant to be 49 before the death of Gen. Elly Tumwine, who breathed his last a week ago at the age of 68.

Gen Sejusa talks to President Museveni shortly after his retirement from the UPDF during the ceremony at State House Entebbe on Wednesday. (PPU Photo)

Gen. Museveni thanked the officers for accepting to work under difficult situations with no or low pay to a stage when the system is able to support them unlike in the previous armies where officers retired upon death.

“The army of 1971, many Acholi and Langi officers were killed by the Idi Amin group which was coming in. That was their retirement. Now when you are retiring, the country you supported is now a bit more able to also support you,” Museveni said, adding that this has made retirement a good gesture.

He, however, cautioned the retiring officers not to listen to opportunists giving them advice on how they should spend their savings but rather invest wisely in commercial agriculture.

Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso salutes President Museveni as she retired from the UPDF on Wednesday Aug 31. (PPU Photo)

“So, my advice to Generals, please, buy yourselves land and practice the four-acre model of agriculture and venture into coffee, fruits, pasture for animals (zero grazing), food, chicken and pigs in the backyard, fishing near the swamps, etc.”

Museveni chats with Gen Kashaka and his family members at State House Entebbe. Kashaka was one of the generals who retired from the Army on Wednesday. (PPU Photo)

Among those retiring are s section of the 1986 National Resistance Army (NRA) liberation group that brought the current government into power including RO 00031 Gen. David Sejusa, who is a former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, and Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti, formerly Chairman of the General Court Martial.

Others retiring include, RO 00087 Lt. Gen. John Mugume, RO 00038 Maj. Gen. Steven Kashaka, RO 00073 Maj. Gen. Joram Kakaari Tumwine, RO 00122 Maj. Gen. Manon Katirima Phinehas, RO 00167 Maj. Gen. Elly Kayanja, RO 00266 Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Balaba Muheesi and Uganda’s most decorated female military.