Since 2017, the friends and partners of Prophet Elvis Mbonye have made it a tradition to honor their man of God every September 1. These celebrations have always been glamorous and have left many onlookers in awe wondering how the ‘remnants’ can pull off these luxurious events every year.

This year was no different. Yesterday, believers from all over the world gathered at Zoe Grounds in Lweza to honour the prophet. The believers who come together to testify about the good and the good deeds of Prophet Mbonye were dressed to kill and early as midday they had started to flock to the worship grounds with excitement about the celebration ahead.

Over the past years, Prophet Mbonye has been predicting future events correctly to the amazement of many.

The event was attended by several dignitaries from Uganda and Kenya. Norbert Mao, former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta, NTV’s Patrick Kamara, Pastor Simeon Kayiwa, kickboxer Golola Moses and singer Daddy Andre among others.

The day was charactarised by worship, praise, and performances from the Zoe Ministries choir, gospel artiste Ruyonga, Joseph Sax, and international gospel artiste Micah Stamply who wowed the crowd with this performance.

In his precise sermon Prophet Mbonye cautioned the world to guard against deception stating that that not everything is actually the way it is presented before us which justifies the need for the prophetic.

“A prophet operates in the realm of secrets. He reveals that which is hidden. When you get that revelation you have the advantage in life. Now this should happen on an individual level, on a corporate level, on a national level and also international level.”

He warned that; “Only then when people awaken to the prophetic will they interact with things as they really are because they are things that can be so deceptive on face value. And we are committed to that; to reveal the secrets of the Lord.

He proceeded to give an example of the deception at hand. “A couple of years ago you remember how I prophesied about how they will to try to move us off the energy, the fuel energy that we have grown accustomed to. You realize that there is agenda to that. In the name of climate change they push for apparently some other form of energy and the world does know that they are being lead on the point of captivity.”

After giving his sermon, there was a cake-cutting session amidst joy and cheers to mark the beautiful day.

Last night in what his congregation termed as epic was the celebration. According to the remnants, the end purpose of honoring Prophet Mbonye is to fully manifest the glory, beauty, excellence, and virtue of the end-time church.

They believe that as they honor him, they partake of his attributes and are thus transformed into him and his qualities like extravagant wealth, excellence, and spirituality.