“The one who opened your unpulled bean took the Range Rover & gave it to someone who pulled,” fans blast Martha Kay when she reports car stolen

Towards the end of August, Martha Kay Kagimba showed off her new ride – a 2016 Range Rover Sport valued at about USD55,500.

The self-styled “Range Rover Girl” shared the good news with her fans by posting photos of herself in her new ride and thanked God for the blessing.

Immediately, critics started claiming that it had been gifted to her by a “blesser”, something she did not take lightly.

Fast-forward, Martha Kay’s Range Rover was reportedly stolen on Sunday night. The* budding Radio presenter revealed the news through Twitter.

In her first tweet that went up in the morning, Martha Kay wrote, “I can’t believe this is happening. I’m so confused.”

This left her followers in suspense with many going ahead to ask what she meant by her tweet and if she was really okay.

In the afternoon, the bubbly presenter further revealed that her new car was stolen on Sunday night.

“last few hours have been like a horrible nightmare!!!! My new car was stolen last night. I’ve only had my Range Rover for 2 weeks!! 2 weeks, guys!!! As in!!!! I don’t even know where to start from,” Martha tweeted.

On hearing the terrible news, a few sarcastic fans on Facebook took to the comments section saying there is a possibility the true owner of the Range Rover took it from Martha and gave it to someone else who pulled.

“One who opened your unpulled bean took back the gift to someone who pulled,” Agnes Ruhinda commented on Martha’s post.

As if that was not enough, one Chrispus Tumusiime chipped in with another comment, “After enjoying the legs the guy had to take his car.”