Muleya loses case

Buganda Road Grade One Magistrate Asuman Muhumuza has ordered for the hearing of a case in which the Zambian National and former Chief Executive Officer Uganda Airlines, Cornwell Muleya, is accused of disobeying lawful orders.

Muleya was charged before Buganda road Court with Disobedience of orders of the Inspectorate of Government after he declined to furnish the office of the IG with relevant information in regard to mismanagement of public funds, procurement and recruitment of staff at the Uganda Airlines.

The charges were slapped on him by IG for disobeying orders to divulge information, contrary to section 35 (a) of the Inspectorate of Government Act, 2002.

Court heard that between May and June 2022, Muleya willfully and without reasonable justification or excuse refused to comply with an order of the Inspectorate of Government dated May 23, 2022, requiring his attendance to give evidence and produce documents to the Inspectorate of Government regarding mismanagement of public funds, procurement and Recruitment of Staff at the Uganda Airlines.

Court therefore ruled that the former Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Airlines, Muleya, who is accused of disobedience of orders requiring him to record a statement has a case to answer.

On Friday, the court presided over by Muhumuza ordered Muleya to prepare his defense over the allegations that were levied against him.

Muleya loses case

One of the witnesses, Supervisor of Special Investigations at the IGG’s office, Gideon Abudum, told Court that he was in April 2022 assigned a file to investigate the alleged corruption at Uganda Airlines but efforts to get Muleya were futile.

The witness added that they later received a letter from Muleya’s lawyers questioning the way in which their client had been summoned.

This was after the IGG sent Muleya an email and required him to report with his passport. The court heard that the IGG afterwards held a meeting with Muleya’s lawyers who said he was out of the country and it was agreed that they represent him, but this did not happen.

In his ruling, Muhumuza said that the evidence from the witnesses was more than sufficient to establish a prima facie case against Muleya.

He explained that the ingredients for the charge of disobedience of orders such as establishing if the order was served to the accused and whether he refused to comply with it have all been proven.

Muhumuza said that the testimonies contained serious allegations that required Muleya to defend himself. Muleya told the court that he will be the only witness in the case.

Muleya through his lawyers led by Charles Nsubuga asked Court to temporarily release his passport to enable him to travel to Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone on October 15th, 2022 to do business consultancy.

But the prosecution led by Rogers Kinobe asked Court to reject Muleya’s application on the basis that the timing wasn’t proper since court has already ruled that he has a case to answer and therefore he might abscond from trial.

Muhumuza agreed with the prosecution and declined to grant Muleya’s request for bail. Muhumuza ruled that there will be an expeditious hearing of Muleya’s case to enable him to know his fate soon.

He adjourned the case to October 7th, 2022.

In February 2022, the Works and Transport Ministry Permanent Secretary terminated Muleya’s contract forcing him to file a complaint with Wakiso District Labour Office on April 4th, 2022 – citing unlawful termination of his contract.

However, the labor office referred the matter in which, Muleya is seeking more than Shillings 3 billion, to the industrial court.