Crazy but in Kampala, nobody says no when approached by a Mzungu. Chics and dudes look at Bazungu as a source of soft life.

Kampala slayers have taken their love for Bazungu to the next level. It is now very normal for chics to open their legs widely when a Mzungu approaches them or for dudes to undress when a pensioner just says ‘hello’ to them.

This has mostly been attributed to the love for money and hate for working but yeah, that is our generation.

So if you have any intentions of bonking a Mzungu, we have spotted the best hangout places for you to chill and catch them like Maama Fiina’s next of kin.

This is a top restaurant bar located in Bugolobi at Plot 45, Bandali Rise. They have great Pork ribs, a great party, and of course, plenty of Bazungu.

This is located in Kisementi.
They serve affordable beer and food. It is great for backpackers and young tourists.

Otters Bar is a tranquil garden bar located on Plot 15 Ngabo Road, Corner of K.A.R. Road, Kololo.
This bar is known for its Rock music and dance parties.

Wild Coffee is located on 7th Street in Industrial Area.
If you love EDM music, this is the place to be.

Located along Bukoto Street, El Pecado is famous for its amazing South American food. Their strong cocktails, lunch and dinner attracts lots of people from all over the world.

But also at night, the place is amazing to have drinks and a great time with friends! Its audience is the high-end consumers but majorly the Bazungu.

Located along John Babiiha Acacia Avenue. This is definitely the spot you all have been looking for.

Since 1999 this bar has been the home to so many parties and events, a great international crowdy,
big space, amazing BBQ menu and great deejays.

Every day of the week they have something going on, from Karaoke to Salsa Dance. On weekends, they have amazing Techno nights and other parties.

Definitely, your first destination when you arrive in Kampala and want to bonk a Mzungu.