Male deejays have been dominant in the past years and have also evolved with a couple of new faces stomping onto the scene with fresh skills to match the evolving fan base.

One of the freshest skilled deejays is DJ Zill Bash. Widely known as King Saha’s official deejay, DJ Zill Bash is hungry for success and his determination precedes him.

Born in Kampala, Uganda at Mulago Hospital on 3rd February 1999, DJ Zill Bash was raised in Makindye. He is currently the official deejay of King Saha.

He has also worked with several other top Ugandan acts including Lydia Jazmine and Daxx Kartel, and he loves the Afro Beat music genre.

The 23-year-old spoke to us about his lifestyle, career, and goals. Enjoy this edition of Zzina Access.

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Where and how did your deejaying career begin, and who gave you the platform?

My deejay career started way back in my Form One in high school. After finishing high school, I started chasing my dream harder and later joined Kings Love Ent (King Saha’s music camp).

Starting out as a new deejay, what are some of the memorable moments that you can never forget?

I cannot forget the first day I joined TV for the first time. Playing on Air is such a memorable moment.

Which were the first major challenges for you and how did you overcome them?

I faced a lot of challenges because the majority of people didn’t believe in me at first. One man called Sam Mukasa did and he made the rest do.

How much did your parents contribute to your career?

My parents in the first place didn’t support me because they wanted me first finish school. Later, they realized it was my passion so they contributed as I received my first laptop from my dad.

Which is your unforgettable deejaying memory?

The first time I played for my fellow students was in high school at Crested Secondary School.

When and where did you play your first set as a professional deejay?

It was at our Senior Four leavers party.

How did the crowd react to that?

It was such a great experience because everyone enjoyed it and had fun.

How much were you paid for your first deejaying gig? And what did you do with that money?

Initially, I didn’t mind about money because I did deejay as my passion. It’s only later that it turned into a job. I was first given 100k for the first gig and I bought a hard disk.

How is it working with King Saha? How is he as a person?

King Saha is such a good person and a simple guy. He wishes others well and is quite supportive.

Has your talent landed you in trouble before?

Yeah. It was troublesome when I started working in Clubs. At the time, I was still staying at my parents’ home.

How do you choose your team and what do you regard before you employ anyone?

Professionalism and passion are key.

Apart from a manager, who is a must-have on a celebrity’s team?

A supportive partner.

What has changed much in the industry since you joined/started following it closely?

The music industry is changing rapidly based on the music genres that are dominating that we didn’t have back then.

If someone asked what your top 3 contributions to the industry are, what would you tell them?

I have tried my best to help the rising artists by giving them a platform on my TV show.

What is the one piece of advice a younger version of you didn’t consider but should have?

Education. I didn’t take my education seriously. Currently, I have come to understand that education is important and is required in my everyday life.

For example at work, communicating with friends, and family. Furthering my education would have helped me have a better career and stable income.

Would you want your children to follow your career path? If so, which step would you wish them to skip?

Yes. It will make them entrepreneurs. The deejaying job would require them to make their own decisions and earn a good income. Growing up, I was not able to afford the necessary things that I required like shelter, clothes, etc.

Relationships at work: What do you have to say about those? Do you believe they can grow and prosper?

If you meet a loyal partner everything can work out. It’s a matter of trust.

Do you have any regrets in your career so far?

Not really

What more would you like to achieve?

A lot just as Allah may wish.

The last piece of advice you would give to the readers that would definitely help them in their respective careers

Always follow your dreams and passion.