Gravity threatens to sue Chameleone, Bobi and Bebe

The coward runs even when no one is chasing them!

Should we say Gravity Omutujju is one of them? Following his subtle diss towards Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool, the hoarse core rapper seems to be scared of his own shadow.

Gravity Omutujju

Y’all remember how he came out all guns blazing and berated Chameleone, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool, claiming that the trio is no longer a big deal in the Ugandan Music industry.

In rather braggadocio moods after his successful Lugogo Cricket Oval show, Gravity Omutujju went on to blow his own trumpet and released a list of artists he claims are better than Chamili, Bobi and Bebe. He advised the three to retire from music.

However, his comments somewhat irritated artists such as Young Mulo, Zex Bilangilangi, including those he had named on his list. In fact, Zex and Young Mulo rushed to the studio and recorded songs telling Gravity off. With the pressure mounting, teary Gravity held a presser and said that he didn’t intend to demean either Chamili, Bobi or Bebe.

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To date, all the three artists haven’t yet responded to him but he is seemingly in panic mode! They have treated him with contempt, perhaps signaling him that he isn’t worthy of their time.

Surprisingly, in his latest interview, Gravity instead, threatens to drag any from the trio to court if he receives a thorough thumping.

He also says that he will not apologize to any of the artists.

“…I will not apologize for the comments I made. And even if I meet any of them in the coming days, I will surely tell them in their face that they are irrelevant,” Gravity said without mincing words. Asked if gets beaten up for having a loose mouth, he was quick to respond, “I will just sue them!”

Below is the interview;